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To enter Albania there are three ways: Airport, Sea Port and Road Border.

-If you arrive by Airplane, the day of Saturday 28 September from 8:00 to 19:00, there are taxi services on the arrival gate to give first info how to arrive in the bivouac; (the first bivouac is 12 km from the airport)

-If you arrive by Ferry in port of Durres we will give you info how to arrive in bivouac that is 25 km from the Port.

-If you will arrive from Road Border, we will give you a GPS track and Points from border to bivouac.



The Organization will transport your luggage every day

from bivouac to bivouac.

Maximum per rider is two pieces, max 30 kg per piece (box or luggage).

Standard Case PH 80x45x36, no more than 30 kg. No exterior things can be carried.

In case of accident or a broken vehicle, the organization will transport the vehicle and the rider from the piste to the next bivouac.



Also for north European countries Enduro Adventure Organization EAO will offer the transport of bike and accessories from Belgium to Albania and back.


For more info contact EAO Belgium:

Molenakkerstraat 32, 2990 Loenhout, Antwerpen, Belgium.

Phone: +32 487 63 80 60,  Email:,  Website:

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